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There aren't many, so take a quick moment and refresh yourself.

:bulletblack: Submit to the correct folder. Easy? Anything being sent to the wrong folder will be rejected, and a reason left in the comments for you. Feel free to resubmit to the right folder afterward, no harm no foul.

:bulletblack: Art is not judged on artistic or skill level. Ever. Everyone is welcome here from beginners to seasoned pros. However, poor presentation will get art rejected. Photos should be clean and clear, not too blurry or taken with webcams/cellphones. Drawn art should be well scanned or photographed, or well cleaned up so the drawing final is clean and clear.

:bulletblack: Art theft is not tolerated here. Photo manipulations are welcome, but you must cite all sources in the description. Art that is traced, copied, or stolen from other artists will be rejected, and possibly reported to DA as well. However, I can't keep track of all art, if you spot something submitted here that is copied, stolen, or otherwise being improperly used, please drop the group a note about it.

:bulletblack: Treat all members with respect, we're all human and deserve some kindness.

Basically, to sum up, use common sense and your best judgment.

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