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Hello, long time no post members!

We've added a new Folder labeled 'Commissions', by request.

:star:If you have a submission file that lists your commission openings, feel free to use this to submit a file.

- Please keep in mind this group's theme, of you are not willing, able and ready to do skull related art on commissions, this is NOT a place to submit.
- This is open for both digital, traditional and craft artists, as well as people that are open to selling actual skulls, or skull related items.

:star:If your submission is rejected from this folder:
- Mostly likely it did not clearly list options, prices and openings for commissions. This is a MUST. You can't simply ask for work, and not list a price range, or give guidelines for asking for prices for work.
- Or it did not clearly have options for buying skulls, or original skull related items.

We do request that you remove your file from the group once you are closed, or no longer looking for new work. File submitted here will be checked every few months and removed from the folder if we see any indication you are no longer open. This is to let newer submissions get more attention who need work.
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Submitted on
August 24, 2013